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Punjabi Movie - Patiala Dreamz

Watch behind the scenes of the upcoming movie 'Patiala Dreamz'. The movie is a 'masala punjabi movie' made with highest standards.


Garry is a Canada brought up young man who is from South Asian background. He is the only child of his parents, and enjoys good relationship with his parents. He is an active sports player and likes to make paintings. He is a happy man, but has been having reoccurring dreams. He would see a boy running on the streets, a large house and a Sikh temple. He doesn’t understand why he would be having those dreams as he has never visited India.

He goes to a college and has many friends from India who are studying with him. He does discuss these dreams with them and often get ignored by his friends and family members. He comes across a pretty girl, Reet, who is a student from India. Initially, they do not like each other, but situation happens where Reet gets in trouble and Garry steps up to save her life. He is successful in saving her life, but gets injured. As he is undergoing medical care, he clearly visualizes a large house in India. He gets discharged home from local hospital, and starts drawing this house on a canvas. Reet comes to his house to thank him and notice that the house he has been drawing does actually exists in India. She shows him this house on Google map to convince Garry.

Garry is perplexed and curious to see similar house online. He wants to go to India to find out his connection to these locations and why is he having reoccurring dreams? Does he have a connection to this house from his previous birth or present birth? His parents reluctantly agreed to send him to India along with his friends. Garry starts his journey from Canada and travels over 10,000 km to a city called Patiala to find out reasons behind his dreams.

This film takes Garry through various situations that challenge his faith, trust, his identity, his belief in love and above all, respect for human beings.