Punjabi Movie - Bikkar Bai Sentimental ft. Jassi Jasraj

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Bikkar Bai Sentimental is an action filled entertaining extravaganza with socially revoking elements, the film is tailored around the real life character of Jassi Jasraj, Music by JSL Singh!


Bikkar Bai Sentimental is the story of a common man and how situations transfer him into something larger than life.

Staring - Jassi Jasraj, Preeti Jhingiani, Rana Ranbir, Shahbaz Khan, Sardar Sohi, Kanwal Preet & Bobby Sandhu


“BIKKAR BAI SENTIMENTAL” is scheduled for a April 19th 2013 release.



0 #5 rss 2013-05-03 00:54
i watched the film and its very positive and makes a change from all the same comedys that show up in every punjabi film. i think this guys amazing and a true soulja and fighter for the everyday man, great film, great film.
+1 #4 Realist. 2013-03-10 16:51
Isnt the only reason this guy has beef because of some money issues, initially he was having an album produced by honey singh, had the issues not come up this guy would have been another honey singh chamcha. He didnt seem to care about the vulgar lyrics of Honey Singhs mixtapes back then!

He might care about social issues now, but the reason he got into singing about social issues and honey singh degrading punjab was out of spite and hate for honey singh, not because of the love of punjabi virsa and maa boli!!!

Controversy sells; he isnt doing all these socially aware songs/ movies to bring understanding to punjabi people, hes doing it to belittle Honey Singh: that makes him a snake.

BUT it is good he's doing it, just the agenda behind isnt great...destroy ing someone elses house to build your own!
+2 #3 Tractor_Bro 2013-03-10 09:06
Looks interestin. Watch the Honey Singh beef be dragged back into the o[censored] to generate some hype n PR
0 #2 Weeman 2013-03-09 10:08
Maybe he can act better than Gippy, Amrinder Gill, Roshan Prince etc. why by the way can't act.

But by this trend of all the punjabi singers becoming actors, april is the perfect release month. Why you ask? Because the whole punjabi industry is becoming a one big joke.
the pujab
-1 #1 the pujab 2013-03-09 06:54
to me i think he can act alot better than other singer turned actors... like amrinder gill, gippy, etc but i hope the film isn't all about hitting each other with the pawa every other scene...

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