Jazzy B's acting debut in Best Of Luck

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Gippy Grewal and Jazzy B will soon be seen together in the upcoming Punjabi movie 'Best Of Luck'.

Along with Gippy Grewal and Jazzy B, Simran Kaur Mundi (Miss India Universe 2008), Gurpreet Grewal, Sonam Bajwa and Binnu Dhillon who also playing vital roles in the movie.

Music is composed by Jatinder Shah and directed by Rohit Yuvraj.


0 #5 chinajatt 2013-07-05 10:59
i dont know what the fuzz is about trailers are looking cant wait to see this movie
0 #4 Bhanokhiwala 2013-06-24 13:04
Point taken but fims like that are not a commercially gonna meke some hardcore money for the producers. You do this stuff for the fans and quite right for the money as well. Anyways who cares hes living the high life and we are fudds arguing about him lol
+1 #3 Realist, 2013-06-24 12:37
Public cant force anybody to go into movies...that was his own decision! I remember him saying a few years ago that he would only go into a movie if he felt the storyline was right and wasnt typical...guess the lure of money was too great and he went into a standard punjabi 'comedy'...if other artists are doing it i think its only fair Jazzy B gets to give it a go, personally i wont be going to watch this though as it looks shit (like pretty much everything else in punjabi cinema)

I would have liked Jazzy B's first proper venture into movies to be in a movie like Shaheed Uddham Singh i.e. something which at least has some positive social implication, but if slapstick comedy is what sells thats the only logical thing to go for...
+1 #2 bhanokiwala 2013-06-24 11:18
Its Jazzy b`s debut movie. As quoting him he didnt want to enter into movies. Public demand fans in india etc. So he has done one. It looks by the trailer the most ex[censored]siv e one etc. Sunny Deol is entering into punjabi movies soon so there is a market for it. Diljit Gippy needed this to promote themselves as singers where Jazzy doesnt. The reason they do these films its like a free album to them each time they do one. You may ven get the odd hit as well.
+1 #1 wtf 2013-06-23 00:51
Jazzy B, bro u have to realize u sit all up there with the legends. U dont have to work with pussies like these, who'v copied u all these years and have managed to become stars themselves today. bring in ur romeo, oh kehri, na kali na gori, sikhi khandeyo tikhi kind of stuff. n stop working with tatti like honey singh and bappi lahiri

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