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Punjabi Movie: Kesari Parna ft. Amandeep Singh

Upcoming Punjabi movie titled 'Kesari Parna' has been announced and will be released in August 2018.

Directed by Sohni Dhaliwal, Kesari Parna is produced by a female producer named Navjot Kaur and is written by Karan Bajwa. The movie revolves around one of the critical phases of Punjab. As the release is lined up for August 2018, this team plans to reveal the teaser on 6th June, a black day in Sikh History, as it subsides with the day when Operation Blue Star took place.

The title 'Kesari Parna' symbolizes the sacred colour of Sikh turban which has always fought for pride.

Lead face of the film is Amandeep Singh, the guy who won Mr.Punjab in 2015. Many senior theatre artists have been cast in the film to make this one a strong character based project. Veterans like Malkit Rauni and Gurpreet Bhangu are also a part of this project. They still have to finalize the female lead face but while talking to the writer of the movie, we got to know that the film's story goes back in the year 1991, the year which faced many repercussions to the 1984 riots.

He explained that even after 6 years, many Sikhs were facing a lot of trouble in their own land - Punjab. The movie shows how Sikh boys were picked up by the police falsely accusing them of being members of Khalistani groups, terrorist groups or a leher and were taken in remand. This happened with many innocent boys and their families were ruined because of such fake accusations and encounters.

To avoid the brutalities of police back then, many tried to escape the prison and some even surpassed the political borders, leaving no scope of heading back home. Some got blacklisted and were not allowed to come back to their own country. There's a lot that this film shall be showcasing.

'Kesari Parna' passes on a message that not all those who wear a saffron turban are terrorists (har kesari parne wala attankhvadi nai hunda). The writer also said that they expect support from the SGPC, as the story is being narrated from the aspect of Sikhs, a story which has remained untold.

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