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Punjabi Movie: Ishq Na Hove Rabba

Upcoming Punjabi movie 'Ishq Na Hove Rabba'(formerly known as Rabba) is set to release in April 2018. The movie has a new star cast including Navjeet Singh.

Navjeet Singh is a singer turned actor, Youngveer, a former RJ and anchor, Neetu Pandyar & Raj Hundal in lead roles. Gurleen and Semena are the lead actresses.

The plot revolves around how the boy’s family creates a fake courtroom drama and then a fake jail to impress the girl’s family in order to show them how credible and worthy the boy is to get married to their daughter. All this is just for a day but the real problem starts when a real terrorist is brought to the fake jail and then presented in the court. The drama by the boy’s side created doesn’t stop and goes along way.

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