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Punjabi Movie: Chauthi Koot

After critically acclaimed ” Anhey Ghorey Da Daan ” Director Gurvinder Singh is coming with another masterpiece titled ” Chauthi Koot ”.

Starring : Suvinder Pal Vicky, Rajbir Kaur, Kanwaljeet Singh, Gurpreet Bhangu, Tommy

Written by Waryam Singh Sandhu

Produced by Kartikeya Narayan Singh, NFDC, Catherine Dussart & Sunil Doshi

It is based on the short stories The Fourth Direction and I Am Feeling Fine Now from Indian author Waryam Singh Sandhu's 2005 collection Chauthi Koot. The film is produced by Kartikeya Narayan Singh and is set during the Sikh separatist movement of the 1980s.[