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Upcoming Punjabi Film Junoon – Ek Soch

Junoon – Ek Soch, an upcoming Punjabi film is ready for it’s release and while talking to the media, Sarabjit Happy, the athletic coach-cum-producer of the film quoted, “An athlete cannot run with money in his pocket, he must run with hope in his heart and a dream in his head.”

This film is inspired by the ideologies of Bhagat Singh, not only as a freedom fighter but also as a philosopher. It showcases the story of an athlete who is inspired by Bhagat Singh and how despite facing problems pertaining to sports infrastructure and political interference, he was able to achieve his aim with his dedication and motivation got from Bhagat Singh who remained with him as a shadow throughout the film.

This movie will showcase a majority of actual players making their screen debut and the shoot was done at Punjab Sports School and college in Jalandhar and during the actual practice sessions.

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