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What Are The Payout Levels On Progressive Jackpot Slots?

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If you have come across an advertisement offering huge amounts as payouts, you may have seen progressive jackpots. Jackpots represent an opportunity to hit it big.

Have you ever wondered what the payout levels of progressive jackpot free spin no deposit slots are? Keep reading to find out more.

What is a progressive jackpot?

These are payments a casino offers to a player as he or she continues winning in a way that keeps climbing. You can find such packages on different games but they are common with slot machines. These progressive jackpots range from a few thousands of pounds to millions. They can be played online and on land-based platforms.

Several progressive jackpots may need a maximum wager before you can get the jackpot figure.

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Here are the types of progressive slot machine games:

•           Standalone progressives

This type of machine isn't connected to other slot machines. Only the bets placed on a certain machine can feed the jackpot.

•           Wide area network progressive

This is one of the most popular games out there today. This jackpot connects different slot machines from different casinos. What this means is that the jackpot will accumulate huge sums of money.

•           Local progressives

This type comes with jackpots that are within connected casinos. The number of machines linked varies from a dozen to a hundred.

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How does a progressive jackpot work?

Progressive jackpots build with time till a player wins them. When won, they reset to a certain level and begin building again. They often build-up by taking a part of the bets made on the game and then add it to the amount on the jackpot.

One erroneous belief with progressive jackpots is that casinos are cashing in on the jackpots. The truth is that casinos make good money from progressive jackpots but this is not because they are taking a cut from it. The main reason casinos make good returns from progressive jackpots is the number of players trying to win big from it.

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Players are generally attracted to progressive jackpots because:

  1. The large jackpot amount

The huge jackpot amount generally draws more players into playing the game

  1. The novelty

Usually, only a few of the gaming machines in the casino will be linked to a progressive jackpot slot. Thus, there is crave and demand from people to try their hands on it.

  1. The changing meter

They come with a changing meter which is usually displayed using large LED or LCDs.

Payout levels in a progressive jackpot slot

Progressive jackpots have huge payout games. Some of them have payouts ranging between a thousand to £50,000, £100,000, and even £500,000. The payout levels depend on the casino and the software used. One good thing about progressive jackpot slots is that you can become an instant millionaire playing them. Also, they are available in different online casinos and even mobile casinos. With non-networked progressives, you have better odds at winning.

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Last line

The payout levels on progressive jackpot slots make them an attractive prospect to newbies and veterans alike. Make sure you understand the workings before you venture into them to stand a better chance.


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