Mix Clash

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Mix Clash [6] - Epic Bhangra - Vote Ended Mix Clash gets the biggest Producers/DJs in Asian Music to create the Mix you vote for! This month features USA's rising Bhangra producer Epic Bhangra!

The Mix Clash gives you the power to decide how your favourite Bhangra producers mix's a song voted by you! This month Epic Bhangra will remix one of three songs voted by you below - with a genre of your choosing!

The song's that you can chose to remix are;

"Band Bottle" ft Mickey Singh & PropheC

"Peeni" feat Jelly Manjeetpuri

"Aaja Dovey Nachiye" feat Bakshi Billa Jelly Manjeetpuri

Twitter: @EpicBhangra




Vote for the genre you want the song mixed with below!


Voting will end 13th September ended and Epic Bhangra will deliver the mix for 27th September!