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Mix Clash [4] - DJ KSR - Lakk De Hullare (Dub Step)

This month's Mix Clash returns alongside the talented DJ KSR to give his own take on "Lakk De Hullare" by The Firm featuring Aman Sandhu! You voted for ' 'Dub Step' genre and DJ KSR delivers his mix! Download his Mix Clash now!

DJ KSR was given the task to remix his version from a choice of songs and genres - (Click Here for the voting page)

Speaking about the Mix Clash, DJ KSR explained his thoughts behind the mix & how he achieved it;

"I wanted to remix a song with a Toronto singer, that is how I came up with the 4 songs we had in the Mixclash. Lakk De Hullare and Dub Step winning was quite the challenge since most Dub Step tracks are around 65 BPM which is a really slow speed, compared to the more faster paced Lakk De Hullare. I finally came across Skrillex's Kyoto, made some adjustments so that both were on key and came up with this mix.

"Currently I am working on my follow up mixtape to Forever and Addiction which will be out this summer. I am also working on a few singles with North American talent.

When I was approached by Simply Bhangra about this Mix Clash idea, I was for it right from the beginning. By letting the fans choose what to mix, it really did make it a challenge. It was great working with Simply Bhangra and hope to see more North American talent out on an international level.

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Dj KSR Remix - Lakk De Hullare (Dub Step) - Free Download