Mix Clash

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Mix Clash [4] - DJ KSR - Voting Ended! Mix Clash gets the biggest Producers/DJs in Asian Music to create the Mix you vote for! This month features Canadian DJ, the one & only DJ KSR!

The Mix Clash gives you the power to decide how your favourite Bhangra producers mix up a selection of  songs! This month, DJ KSR will be given the task of having the song & genre voted by you!

The song's that you can chose to remix are;

DJ KSR ft Sasha Core - Saari Raat
The Firm ft Aman Sandhu - Lakk De Hullare
DJ KSR ft Joti Dhillon - Nain
DJ KSR ft Deep Jandu - New Punjab

Twitter: @therealDJKSR

Go through the video playlist below to listen to each song & caste your vote!




Vote for the genre you want the song mixed with below!



Voting has now ended and DJ KSR will have two weeks to complete this mix! Free Download out 24th May!