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Mix Clash [2] - Twin Beats - Voting Ended Mix Clash gets the biggest Producers/DJs in Asian Music to create the Mix you vote for! This month features production duo Twin Beats!


This months Mix Clash will give you the power to decide how you want Twin Beats to remix/re-fix 'Dil Pyar Di Patari' by the iconic Gurdas Mann!

Click Here for the Video to 'Lok Boliyan' feat Saini Surinder

Twitter: @TwinBeatsUK / @TwinBeatsUK1

Listen to 'Dil Pyar Di Patari' below and then vote with the genre you would like to see it mixed with!



Vote for the Genre you want it mixed with below!

This vote will close Sunday 10th March and Twin Beats will have two weeks to complete this mix - This mix will be out 22nd March!