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Mix Clash [1] - DJ Sarj - Voting Ended

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 5.00 (1 Vote) Mix Clash gets the biggest Producers/DJs in Asian Music to create the Mix you vote for! The Mix Clash will pitch up 5 Panjabi songs against 5 different musical genres. This month features the Mixtape King; DJ Sarj!

You vote for which song you want mixed with a new genre! - Vote for the Panjabi Song & then vote for the genre you want it mixed with by DJ Sarj!

Twitter: @DJSarj


Results of the Panjabi song you voted for are below!

Results of the Genre you voted for the song to be mixed with!

This voting has now ended and DJ Sarj will then have TWO weeks to complete this mix!


Music maniac
+2 #15 RE: Mix Clash [1] - DJ Sarj - Voting EndedMusic maniac 2013-02-08 09:44
The tracks are all good!! Dont know what to select, but Chamkila & Rnb mix would be just fine. Great One x
+3 #14 Realist. 2013-02-08 01:59
Come on...Yaar Ne Galli with probably a Hip Hop mix has been done so many times by joeys on youtube, give Dj Sarj a challenge, lets him showcase his talent...
+5 #13 applze 2013-02-02 13:54
brillant idea will be interesting to see how it comes out
+6 #12 Gsstar 2013-02-02 10:45
WOW!! Thats Great. Loving the new trend I think no other websites has done it. I would vote Chamkila with Dubstep!! Never heard in that way before :-)
+2 #11 Realist. 2013-02-02 10:40
Gippy Grewal already re-sang Yaar Ne Gali, i think the production was done by J Skillz and to be honest he did a good job on it, no need to do another mix of that!
Kendi Mera Sir Dukhda was reproduced by PMC i think
If Kali Teri Gut by Asa Singh Mastana was done with a Dubstep mix the drop would be maddness...Ball y Sagoo did a mix but he used a female vocalist which wasnt as good as mr mastana
Kala Doriya is perfect how it is, stay away from that classic lol
Nain Preeto de has been reworked before

So for me its got to be Mr Mastana with some Dubstep..but not mainstream skrillex dubstep please, that stuff is wack!
+3 #10 DJ-SARJ 2013-02-02 02:10
Im looking for a challenge guys.....hip hop rnb is too common lol....but if that wins then i have no choice...DUBSTE P!!!!! hint hint.
+1 #9 benjaminnnn 2013-02-02 00:32
no please no more ubran mixes for crying out loud

ROCK would be great or Dance
+4 #8 Aneela 2013-02-01 23:13
i think i would like to a classical version to Nain Preeto De. always have thought that this was a tune and will be
dj jagz.
+2 #7 dj jagz. 2013-02-01 22:41
OMG this is just sick .. Chamkila - Yaar Ne Gali with Rock lets push these people to the max :D
+4 #6 chinajatt 2013-02-01 20:10
not seeen nain preeto de remixed in a decent way would sound baddd
+5 #5 JUSS81 2013-02-01 19:51
Chamkila Bruuaaahhhhhh
+4 #4 DJDARK 2013-02-01 19:50
Quoting Weeman:
Come on people!!! Don't take the usual choice of mixing it with Hiphop, RnB and Garage. There are at least a billion remixes of these genres.

Try something new like classical, rock or dubstep. Try something new for God sake!!

This is suppose to be something new and exciting not your usual mix with hip hop!

AGREE! This one time WE decide and we go for usual -____- why?!

and then we blame artists for bringing out repetitive music :D

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