Dharmik Albums By Bhangra Artists

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With the recent launch of ‘Khalsa Pargat Kitta’ by Sukshinder Shinda and ‘Supremacy of Khalsa’ by Diljit Dosanjh, religious songs by Bhangra artists is definitely in season. Below we look back at some of the biggest dharmik albums launched by the industry’s elite in the last 10 years.

Mela Anandpur Da – NS Chauhan

Yorkshire born and raised Nanak Singh Chauhan started singing from a young age, performing hymns in his local Gurdwara. He created his debut in 2006 with the smash hit single ‘Kabza.’ In April 2007, Chauhan released the religious album ‘Mela Anandpur Da’ to mark the occasion of Vaisakhi. With lyrics on the album from Dhadi Jatha Gurbaksh Singh, Ranjit Singh Rana and NS Chauhan himself, the album was well received for its fresh sound and attempt at reconnecting the youth with Sikh history.

Vaisakhi The Birth of the Khalsa – RDB

The album ‘Vaisakhi (The Birth of the Khalsa)’ saw various artists coming together to commemorate the Vaisakhi of 2007. With music produced by RDB and vocals by artists like NS Chauhan, Manak-E and Jasvir Dhanjal, the album was the first of its kind to present Sikh history in English as well as Punjabi.

Tasveer – Manmohan Waris

In 2006, Manmohan Waris gave a performance of nine religious songs at Gurdwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib. The songs depicted the events of Sikh history in chronological order and was recorded live and later released as the album called ‘Tasveer.’ With music by the renowned producer Sangtar, Waris shines with his amazing vocals in this heart rendering album.

Nikey Nikey Do Khalse – Hans Raj Hans

The king of Sufi Hans Raj Hans had dedicated his third religious album to the younger sons of the Tenth Sikh Guru and their bravery against tyranny. His first religious album “Patta Patta Singhan Da Vairi” in 1992 was a roaring success and had helped him become a household name in Punjab. In a similar fashion, the success of ‘Nikey Nikey Do Khalse’ was widely appreciated and helped him achieve the title of “RAJ GAYAK” of Punjab, a title he holds today.

Satguru Mera – Sukshinder Shinda & Jazzy B

The Music Man and the Crown Prince of Bhangra came together for one of the biggest collaborations of 2009. The album consisted of 10 songs and aimed to promote the message of unity throughout. Tracks like “Ae Pagri Sardara” and “Bole So Nihal De Jaikare” were highlights and helped record sales for a religious album.

Sahib Jinah Diyan Mane – Nachattar Gill

Keeping true to his folk roots, Nachattar Gill presented his first religious album in the summer of 2006. With all songs in the album relating to specific incidents in Sikh history, the album was welcomed with rave reviews and went on to win “best religious album” award at the Punjabi Music awards that year.

Sikh – Diljit Dosanjh

Punjabi superstar Diljit Dosanjh brought forth his debut religious album on Vaisakhi day in 2012 and it became an instant hit with the old and young alike. With his power vocals and lyrics from some of Punjab’s biggest lyricists, the songs were soon heard at ‘nagar kirtans’ and other religious functions across the world.

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