djheer’s Artist Appreciation Article Pt. 3

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 4.95 (11 Votes)’s Jusi and Jovan release their third instalment of an article series showcasing the biggest artists of 2015 and what they have planned for the upcoming year.


Kulwinder Billa – One of the most successful Bhangra artists of 2015, Kulwinder Billa has had an extremely successful year with the release of the singles “Time Table, Time Table 2 and DJ Vajda”, with all three singles proving to be commercially successful and becoming dancefloor fillers worldwide.

As a Bhangra artist who has been in the Bhangra industry for many years, he recognises that 2015 was a huge year for him and he is more focused than ever to make 2016 an even more successful year for him.

“2015 was definitely big for me, I released 6 big tracks including Timetable, Timetabe 2 and DJ Vajda so it was a great year for me. I always believed in doing my work as far as the concern of 2016 I will definitely try to release numbers which can compete to my own level in 2015”


DJ Vix – Music producer DJ Vix was able to finally release the long awaited album “Chapter V” in 2015 as well as several other singles over an extremely busy twelve month period. The album “Chapter V” featured a star studded line up with a host of established and talented vocalists. Vocalists featured on the album were Saini Surinder, Bhinda Jatt, Miss Pooja, Malkit Singh and Kumar Sanu as well many more who made up the impressive ten track album.

The hard work DJ Vix put into the album resulted in the music producer beating off stiff competition and receiving the accolade of “Best UK Album” at the Brit Asia World Music Awards and UK Bhangra Awards respectively.

DJ Vix also went onto the acoustic version of “Har-Pal” featuring the soft, smooth and outstanding vocals of Kumar Sanu, with the original featuring on Chapter V. DJ Vix also treated us with the single “Ek Hor La De”, with vocals provided by the “Music Maestro” Sukhshinder Shinda.

DJ Vix was massively happy with the response he got with all of his releases in the past year and exclusively revealed the title of his upcoming album to Simply

“I am very pleased with the response I got this year with my music production. It’s always a good feeling when your work is appreciated and receiving the best album award twice in one year. Normally I get credited as a DJ in award ceremonies but 2015 was the first year for me to get an award for my music production.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported and voted for me I’m very grateful and to 2015 off for me I got the opportunity to work with the one and only Sukshinder Shinda, this collaboration was very special for me as I have always looked up to bhaji as a musician and as a person. The response has been great for our new single #EkHorLaDe doing the rounds on the dance floors worldwide.

I will be releasing the Moviebox Vix Tape Volume 2 and I have a few international collaborations planning, unfortunately I cannot name drop at this stage but I’ll be sure to inform the Simply Bhangra team first.”


Jenny Johal – A brand new female sensation took the Bhangra scene by storm in 2015 with several hit songs over a period of twelve months. This was in the form of debutant Jenny Johal, most known for her summer anthem “Narma”.

Jenny’s debut release, “Yaari Jatti Di”, produced by popular production duo Desi Crew, had already got bhangra fans talking due to her powerful and unique vocals. However, it was the single “Narma”, that got bhangra fans across the world dancing along to her music.

“2015 was a very successful year for me, Narma being one of the biggest selling single of the year is amazing”.


Rav E – North American musician and music producer Rav E, best known for the Bhangra team anthem “Kundian Much” featuring folk vocalist Pappi Gill, had a quiet year in terms of music releases. The only track he managed to release in 2015 was “Ranjha Jogi” featuring Satti Pabla.

However, Rav-E remains focused and revealed he used 2015 as a year to record and work on new material.

“2015 was relatively a quiet year for me regarding releases. Aside from releasing Ranjha Jogi with Satti Pabla, I spent most of the year recording and working on new material.

Yes definitely!, In 2016, expect to see multiple single releases and a full length album that I have produced for a talented North American singer. I also have a dharmik project in the works releasing through Dharam Seva Records very soon.

Overall, I'm really looking forward to 2016 and finally sharing my new material with all of the Punjabi music fans around the globe.”


Bambi Bains – The extremely talented and very popular Bambi Bains has become a huge sensation since first entering the Punjabi music industry as the leading lady of Team PBN in 2012. Having released “Zaalma” and “Nath Dig Pey” alongside PBN and guest featuring on Dr Zeus’s “Daddy Cool Munde Fool” and “Lagda Na Jee”, Bambi now plans to now build a career of her own.

Aside from music, Bambi’s beauty style has been iconic for young asian women across the world. This prompted a huge demand for Bambi to create her own beauty channel on YouTube creating tutorial videos and showcasing the products that she uses.

Exclusively revealing to, Bambi took the time to work on her own unique musical sound which she plans to showcase in 2016.

“I found that 2015 was more of a learning process in the music industry. I had taken a year out to develop myself more and work on a sound which is more appealing. I’ve not released anything since 2014 but my other ventures such as modelling, fashion and my beauty channel on Youtube are still keeping me on top.

2016 is looking like a bigger year for me in terms of music releases etc…

In 2016 you can expect a lot more music from me in different styles and I cannot wait to finally showcase my work and collaborations with some of the biggest artists in the scene right now. You may also expect and album… lets see.”


Raashi SoodThe extremely talented and gifted Raashi Sood was only involved in one project this year. This was in the form of “Udeek” with music produced by Canadian music producer The PropheC.

Raashi revealed to that she has a number of singles all set to release in 2016.

“The year 2015 was a successful year, we released Udeek and planned some new music. We also connected with some of the most amazing artists across the globe. For 2016 we have loads of new music and surprises planned.”


Manni Sandhu – UK based music producer Manni Sandhu, most well known for his album “My Time” and tracks “Door Ni Kulne”, “Sona”, “Friday”, “Billi Akh” and much more, made his return to the music scene in 2015 with the release of “Makhaul”, the melodic and heart-wrenching single featuring vocals of Akhil, a new vocalist Manni recently discovered during his trip to India. The single was accompanied by an extremely moving music video, and was nominated for Best Music Video at the Brit Asia World Music Awards 2015 and UK Bhangra Awards 2015 respectively.

Since the release of “Makhaul”, Manni has been working endlessly on his new album entitled “Welcome To The Future” an album consisting of 7 tracks and features co-production by Sangra Vibes.  Manni Sandhu remains focused and humble more than ever and talks exclusively to as to why there was a huge delay in new music.

“Makhaul was originally planned to be a track on my album which we never had the intention of shooting a music video to or pushing as a lead single. The response to the song was insane and I can genuinely say I was shocked. It wasn’t a dancefloor song, commercial in anyway, and nor was it pushed heavily on commercial stations. Despite that, the love people showed and the feedback I received for the music taught me a very valuable lesson – I’ll always make music that’s true to me and never cater my music to any trend or what the industry think I should sound like.

It’s coming up to nearly three years since my debut album ‘My Time’ was released. In the past 3 years I’ve been experimenting, trying out new styles and working with fresh artists. The reason an album never came out earlier was because I felt too pressurised from the “industry” to put something out that had to have a certain sound.

In return all that did was give me a creative block and I wasn’t feeling anything good enough to put out. The minute I put all that behind me and listened to myself, music became something I started to enjoy again and the vibes just kept flowing naturally.

So in 2016 the people will get a brand new Manni Sandhu album. It’s called Welcome to the Future. Hope you lot enjoy it and respect to all the supporters”.


GV – UK based music producer, lyricist and composer GV, the individual behind huge hits such as “Brick”, “Aaj Kal”, “Fresh”, Hai Oh Rabba” alongside many more – has had huge success since the release of his album “From The Ground Up” in 2010. His sophomore album entitled “Old Habits Die Hard” showcased a unique musical identity and matched the success of his debut album.

GV’s reputation in the music industry has grown massively and he has given the opportunity to upcoming vocalists to work with an established and popular music producer. He has since unleashed vocalists such as LS Lucky, J-Dhillon, Jay Singh, Nish Kang, Major Maan as well as many others onto the mainstream Bhangra market.

However, GV promises that 2016 will be different and is focusing on hopefully releasing more material with established artists in the upcoming year.

“I was able to work on quite a few releases this year (as a producer, writer & composer), as well as line up releases for 2016. I didn't release an official 'GV' single or album in 2015, but will be focussing on doing so in 2016. As well as releasing my own solo material and continuing to collaborate with up & coming artists.

I'm looking forward to the release of a song called 'Dynamite' by Roach Killa & Jazzy B. I wrote all the Punjabi lyrics sung by Jazzy B, something I'm very proud to be a part of. I also recently collaborated with another huge name, that song should also be out soon”.


Nimrat Khaira – Female vocalist Nimrat Khaira, the vocalist of “Ishq Kacheri”, is a vocalist that is slowly gaining a huge reputation in the world of Bhangra. Hailed for her unique and soft punjabi vocals, she is already building a musical repertoire that will set up a successful future for her.

She had this to say for us when asked about her future releases.

“2015 was good but not splendid for releases but this year got a good start with song “Rabb Karke.

Of course, in 2016 in the beginning i got very huge response for song Ishq Kacheri as this is my first solo track got so much love and definitely will do different styles of songs with different music while stepping forward in my career”.


Roshan Prince – Punjabi actor and vocalist Roshan Prince had a relatively quiet year with only a few releases over a twelve month period. However, Roshan Prince was able to reveal his plans for the upcoming year that he had been busy working on.

“2015 was a satisfactory year for me, as I didn’t work much this year.. but Dil Darda and Bas Tu carried me to new heights. In 2016 I’m planning to do some more soulful songs and films also”.


Tigerstyle - Hailing from Scotland, production outfit Tigerstyle had a very solid year. They were able to release tracks with renowned vocalists such as Harbhajan Mann, Kulwinder Billa, Ranjit Bawa, Jaz Dhami along with many others. Here is what Tigerstyle had to say regarding the tracks that were released in 2015.

“2015 was great for us. We had a number of successful released including Swag JattDa, ZaalimDilli, ChittiyanKalaiyan, Chakkwein Suit, HusnThe Kali, Sitarey and Ikk Ikk Saah.

We have a number of projects completed which are being planned and some which are ongoing, which will take us into 2016”.


Sukh SangheraPopular and talented music video director Sukh Sanghera is an established music video director and producer that has had a very successful career in the industry he works in. Hailing from Abbotsford, Canada – he has worked with several established Bhangra artists such as Jazzy B, Ranjit Bawa, Harj Nagra, Zora Randhawa and many more.

Sukh Sanghera promises 2016 will be an even bigger and successful year for him and the bhangra artists he is working with.

“When you work with passion you can make every year successful and I learn everyday and I keep learning. 2015 was just warmup.

Lots of unexceptional things going to happen, assistant director for Amrinder Gill’s movie Love Punjab for Canada Schedule, starting film production on the side”

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