Simply’s 2015 Artist Appreciation Article Pt. 2

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After the success of’s Artist Appreciation Article Pt.1,’s Jovan and Jusi bring you the second edition, showcasing 2015’s biggest bhangra stars, reflecting on their successful year and discussing their future plans for 2016.

The article featured huge names such as Diljit Dosanjh, Manak E, DJ Harpz, Harbhajan Maan alongside many more. Part 2 features many more huge bhangra vocalists, music producers, DJ’s and lyricists who all discuss their exciting plans for the upcoming year.

Jazzy B

Jazzy B – Jazzy B, proclaimed as the "Crowned Prince of Bhangra", he is one of the industries biggest stars known worldwide. He had a successful year once again collaborating with artists such as JSL, Hard Kaur, Dr Zeus and Hip Hop legends Snoop Dogg and Capone-E for the single "Most Wanted". His newest single "Repeat", produced by JSL, ended his year on a high and is currently doing very well for Jazzy B.

Earlier this year it was confirmed that Jazzy B and Sukhshinder Shinda were collaborating once again. This time working on the second edition of their 1995 album "Folk N Funky" with the new album entitled "Folk N Funky 2".

“2015 was a successful year both my songs Most Wanted and Repeat were major hits for me. It was great to work with Snoop Dogg and Capone-E. I will always make new music!

My full album Folk and Funky 2 will be out in 2016 as well a few other singles I am working on”.

Miss Pooja

Miss Pooja - Miss Pooja, hailed as the "Queen of Duets", had yet another successful year. Miss Pooja is no stranger to the music industry having earned the reputation of releasing over seventy duet tracks with male vocalists. She has collaborated with many artists singing duets along with her own solo tracks which has made one of the most popular bhangra vocalists to exist. This year she was involved in several music projects.

In Late 2014, she released the single "Painkiller" featuring Dr Zeus, Fateh & Shortie. Her second collaboration with Dr Zeus came in the form of "Tipsy Hogai", a track which was featured on the soundtrack of "Dilliwaali Zaalim Girlfriend". Her second track of 2015 was released in September 2015, collaborating once again with DJ Dips and Roach Killa for the single "Who Dat Girl", a modern take on the classic "Mera Laung Gawacha". The single was accompanied an incredibly comedic and innovative music video.

Her third and final single came in the form of "Date on Ford", which also did very well commercially.

In an exclusive interview held with, Miss Pooja was delighted with the success she had in 2015.

“2015 was a good year for me with Painkiller, Who Dat Girl and Date on Ford which were all superhits. Music is my life. I am concentrating on my single songs I will be releasing a bhangra track in January.

I'm trying to make an album but it’s a huge job, albums have 7 or 8 songs and sometimes only the tracks with videos get exposure.”

Juggy D

Juggy D – Juggy has been quiet as of late, working very hard behind the scenes on his music which he will be releasing in 2016. However, he did feature on one single in 2015 in the form of "Freak" featuring long time collaborators Jay Sean & Rishi Rich – with all three reuniting the iconic "Rishi Rich Project" in 2015. Juggy D also released the remixed version of his track "Ruj Ruj", with music provided by UK's DJ Dips.

Talking about his plans for the upcoming year, he had this to say to the Simply readers.

“2014 was a good year I put out more music than I did in 2015 and recorded a load of new music too. All the new music I recorded in 2015 is coming out this year so cant wait to get it out there.”

Bupps Saggu

Bups Saggu – Since entering the scene in 2011 with his debut album “Redefined”, Bups Saggu has become a household name within the Bhangra industry with his incredible work ethic, attitude and ability to create popular and commercially successful bhangra tracks. Bups Saggu is the sole individual and music producer behind tracks such as “Photo Rakh Ke”, “Punjabi Hurr”, “Drama Queen”, “Jump To The Bhangra” and most recently the smash hit single “Bodyguard”.

Bups Saggu discusses his plans for the new year and is more focused than ever to make 2016 his most successful year yet.

“It was a good year. It was a year I wanted to bring forth my new Desi flavours as part of many set to be released in 2016 onwards. Miss Kaur did exceptionally well so did Bodyguard reaching top chart positions but most importantly... love for the songs worldwide.

As mentioned, in the New Year you wil hear some more Desi floor numbers with a few special collaborations and with artists I recently introduced, Jotti Dhillon and Sandy Sandhu.

There a few film tracks both Bollywood and Punjabi Film sector and I will be throwing in some diverse music into the mix of my releases just to keep things fun and fresh as always. 2016 looks prosperous… now just got to crack on with it!”.

malkit singh

Malkit Singh MBE - Bhangra legend Malkit Singh has been very successful since he first entered the Bhangra scene. Having initially entered the Bhangra scene with the band "Golden Star", Malkit's solo adventures have earned him a huge reputation and his popularity continues to grow each year.

Malkit reveals to that his long awaited album "Midas Touch 3", will be finally releasing in 2016. He has collaborated with a number of established music producers, including producers such as Aman Hayer and DJ Vix.

“I will be releasing Midas Touch 3 this year with producers Bob Rai, Aman Hayer, DJ Vix and a few others. I have been working on my album in 2015 and have been busy with touring”.

Jaz Dhami

Jaz Dhami – The very talented Jaz Dhami made 2015 a year to remember with a number of huge singles collaborating with a number of successful and talented music producers across the music industry. Jaz Dhami released “Beparwaiyan” and “Beparwaiyan Refix” collaborating with music producers Steel Banglez and Dr Zeus respectively.

Jaz then delivered the delightful “Sithneyan” featuring renowned music producer Aman Hayer as well as "Sitare" alongside production outfit Tigerstyle.

However, it wasn’t until December Jaz Dhami released his biggest single of the year. This was in the form of “Munda Like Me” with music production provided by Jatinder Shah, a renowned music director who is based in India.

It’s no doubt that Jaz Dhami had a very successful year in 2015 with releasing singles more frequently. However, Jaz insists he has no plans in slowing down and reveals exclusive news to the readers of

“I feel it most definitely has been a successful year – previously I was averaging one single release a year, max two. In 2015 I’ve been able to release three of my own singles and do a feature on another – 4 tracks aint bad. My biggest achievement with these tracks has been my recognition in Punjab and India, I’m shown so much love, particularl for Beparwaiyan.

The main outcome for every release is for every song to have a different vibe from what I’ve done previously and show a growth in me as an artist. I feel I’ve managerd that in 2015.. I’ll continue that in the year ahead.

I spent the best part of 2015 laying down the foundations for 2016 and improving myself as a singer and working on the finer details to take me to the next level – so damn right you can expect to hear loads from me in the new year and a very distinguishable growth too.

The aim for 2016 is to release the fire I’ve been making..starting with something special in January, my first Bollywood track!

Then I will let you into some exclusive news – PBN and myself are coming together for the first time too! I think you can expect some crazy experiments and good quality music, it’s gonna be packed with releases if all goes to plan, including some proper RnB stuff and Bollywood collaborations. I cant wait!!!”


JSL – India based music producer JSL had an incredible and successful year having been involved with a number of successful projects that involves a number of talented artists. Having established himself as a popular and commercially successful music director and producer, JSL collaborated with vocalists such as Diljit Dosanjh (Mukhtiar Chadha), Jazzy B (Repeat), Sharry Maan (Hashtag), Neha Kakkar (Pyaar Te Jaguar) as well as releasing many more singles and free downloads that were all released across twelve months.

Speaking exclusively to, JSL was happy with the feedback he received on the projects he was involved with.

“The best, I will never forget 2015. 2015 is not over yet, Muchh Te Mashbook – AmritMaan/JSL has just released. I have never been too much of a talker, I didn’t plan 2015. Waheguru planned it all, the same strategy would be for 2016, to “Go with the flow”

My second single Doth will be releasing mid January, it’s a national commercial release a Hindi mainstream track”

Mickey SIngh

Mickey Singh – Urban punjabi sensation Mickey Singh was another artist who had a very successful 2015. February was a busy month for the young artist as he was involved in two very impressive and successful tracks. First was “Ishq Haazir Hai”, a track vocalled by international superstar Diljit Dosanjh, and was produced and co-written by Mickey Singh.

Shortly after, Mickey went onto release the long awaited single “Hogeya Pyar” featuring DJ Ice and music producer Pranna. Mickey Singh then released his version of OMI’s “Cheerleader” in which Mickey delivered another fresh, unique and clever twist on a popular dance track. Nearing towards the end of the year, Mickey delivered two huge tracks in the form of “Rooftop Party” featuring Amar Sandhu and Pranna as well as “Body” featuring Fateh and Sunny Brown.

Mickey Singh’s talents hadn’t gone unnoticed as he fought off stiff competition to win “Best North American Act” at the Brit Asia World Music Awards 2015.

Speaking to Mickey Singh, he plans to continue releasing tracks and experiment with different styles and genres. Mickey also exclusively revealed his upcoming plans for 2016.

“2015 was def a good year for my career, as I travelled a lot and got to visit my fans in places I never that I would go, having a song in a Movie was def one of the highlights of my year following with a few singles like Body and Rooftop Party that were more youth oriented, been loving the reaction that I've been getting from the newer sounds that I've released this year. And continue to keep going and experimenting to keep giving something new to my fans :)

In 2016 I'm planning on dropping a lot of new stuff, planning to keep my fans engaged with a song dropping every month and also working on my next Album which I'm very excited to get working on! With a few Bollywood projects in works as well”


Team PBN – An artist renowned as “The Hitmaker” for delivering hits such as “Kaun Nee Jaandah”, “Aaj Me Peeni”, “Fitteh Moo”, “Jaan Punjabi” alongside many more; PBN has had an illustrious and hugely successful career spanning over ten years, he made the choice to form his own team in 2012 – in what can be described as a clever change in evolving the PBN brand.

A collective known as “Team PBN”, originally consisting of Sanj, Bambi and Raj Bains, was a collective that PBN taught, nurtured and help build to be a success in the Punjabi music industry. Three years later from creating the group, the group has slightly changed in the number of members. However, they are now united more than ever.

2015 was an eventful year for PBN as he expanded Team PBN and released two singles. First up was “Jatti Nachdi” featuring all four members of Team PBN. PBN, Raj Bains, Bambi and the new addition Serena, who was announced as the NEW member of Team PBN alongside the track, all featured as vocalists.

This was shortly followed up by “Thori Thori”, a hard-hitting, thumping dancefloor track vocalled by the very talented Raj Bains.

Having only released two singles in 2015, PBN promises to release new music in the forthcoming year.

“2016 will be a very exciting year for my team and fans. We have been working very hard in the studio on showcasing our versatility vocally and musically. Not only will I be launching more new material from our camp but there are also a few new surprises that are soon to become part of the Playback Records family.

I am proud to announce that I also have a large number of exciting collaborations releasing with some big names from both here in the UK and India. 2016 is about content and consistency. I look forward to showcasing the new catalogue of releases with the fans and music listeners worldwide. On a final point, I would like to thank everyone for supporting our music and tours throughout 2015”.


Kay V Singh – The vocalist most well known for his track “Bullet” featuring Mickey Singh and Epic Bhangra, Kay V was able to showcase his huge amount of talent in 2015. At the start of 2015, Kay V collaborated with Epic Bhangra with the single “Buk Len De”, a track which did relatively well for the singer. This was shortly followed up by another single entitled: “Red Suit Waliye”, a track that stepped away from traditional desi elements and instead was heavily influenced by modern day R&B beats.

This track featured music production by rising star Solace Nerwal, who is well known for producing “Moor” featuring Pappi Gill. Kay V released two more free downloads in the form of “Aim”, Kay V’s first track in which he solely produced the track and “Punjabi Hits Tribute”, a medley of soulful, slow and heart-warming desi slow jams.

Kay V’s experimentation with music and attitude to create a unique sound has resulted positively for the vocalist with a huge increase in the number of followers on social media. Speaking to Kay V, he was more than happy with the reaction he got from his singles in 2015.

“If I were to wrap up 2015 I would definitely call it a successful year. Even though I had some setbacks and wasn’t able to release as much music as I had intended, I released 4 tracks and just shot the video for my up coming track. Along with this I had some major performances like Boston Bhangra, Las Vegas, Malaysia and more. We were also able to plan out my album. So over all, 2015 was a great year and I accomplished some major stepping stones that are making me look forward to 2016.

I have quite a bit planned already for 2016. I will be releasing my first official album along with a couple singles as well. Early 2016 I will be releasing a single we just recently wrapped up the video for. And as the year progresses, we will see what other opportunities and ideas arise.”

Part 3 Coming Soon.

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