Bhangra Wars - Nachda Sansaar Bhangra Club Performance

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Bhangra Wars 2015 Competing Team - Nachda Sansaar Bhangra Club Performance -  Event Date: Saturday 17th October 2015 - Venue: Wolverhampton Civic Hall.

Being one of the many branches of the well established UK bhangra group Nachda Sansaar family, Nachda Sansaar Bhangra Club is a group of dedicated dancers brought together by the instructors of the Nachda Sansaar School of Bhangra.

Our aim is to showcase the talent, ability and hardwork of our academy students by competing in the biggest Bhangra competitions in the UK and around the world.

Back in 2013 they won their match rivals and now in 2015 you will see an interpretation of modern folk Bhangra, enhanced by the energy and enthusiasm of this young team.


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