Bhangra Wars - Surrey India Arts Club Performance

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Bhangra Wars 2015 Competing Team - Surrey India Arts Club Performance -  Event Date: Saturday 17th October 2015 - Venue: Wolverhampton Civic Hall

Surrey India Arts Club is a non-profitable society with a clear aim to raise general awareness amongst the punjabi community in Canada through promotion and preservation of Punjab/Indian culture and traditions.

This Vancouver based bhangra club was formed in 1975 and is recognised as the longest serving bhangra club in North America. Those associated with It past and present have a long history of distinct achievements, a pool of well disciplined and talented individuals who have allowed their bhangra team to gain the respected status it has today.

They are not new to the bhangra competitive scene - they have placed and conquered stages nationally and internationally. Their performances either live or music are evidently folk based and speak for themselves. Their dancers portray bhangra with ease and naturalism.

This bhangra infantry will be armed with their best dancers, which will let us experience a traditional and highly anticipated routine not seen in the UK before. They have already made history - the 1st ever international bhangra team to be selected for a UK competition.


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Harry B
0 #1 RE: Bhangra Wars - Surrey India Arts Club PerformanceHarry B 2015-11-03 16:03
Wow these guys are good.

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