Remix the 80's track Hon Tha Main Nachna!

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We team up with Taz - Stereo Nation to give you the opportunity to remix the 80's track by then known 'Johnny Zee' titled Hon Tha Main Nachna coming off his debut album ‘Hit the Deck’.

Taz stormed the UK Asian pop charts for thirty-six weeks at number 1 and the album went on to become one of the biggest selling Asian fusion releases of all time. Taz aka Johnny Zee received UK’s ‘Best New Artist’ for the album ‘Hit The Deck’ at the Asian Music Awards year 1989.

Taz quotes, "Well guys this was my Super Hit Song that may bring back some great memories of the 80's Bhangra Explosion for you 'HOON THA MEH NACHNA'. (My Johnny Zee Day's).

An all time favorite song by the likes of Bally Sagoo & Rishi Rich who have done their own remix's of the song and I guess now IT'S YOUR TURN to have a go.

For all you BAD BOY DJ'S drop your mix and it will be featured by me to all the fans worldwide.

Email your remix/information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 1st October and it will be added on our SoundCloud Account (Download the Vocals Below)


desi ranjha
+1 #2 RE: Remix the 80's track Hon Tha Main Nachna!desi ranjha 2015-09-16 11:43
hes a good singer but i think times are getting hard he need to make abnother hit with simond and diamond or hunters
+1 #1 RE: Remix the 80's track Hon Tha Main Nachna!sradha 2015-09-16 07:28
wow remember this track back in the day when their was day time gigs,will be good to hear the djs remix to this xx

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