BHANGRA WARS 2015 presented by & PTC Punjabi

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 4.67 (6 Votes) welcomes a fruitful collaboration with PTC Punjabi which is the World’s No.1 Punjabi Television Channel with availability across UK, USA, Canada , Australia , New Zealand and India.  We are glad to announce that this collaboration will be the first and an equal partnership for 2015.

It will no doubt increase the buzz of excitement that Bhangra Wars has always created and will take it to newer heights, allowing the rich culture of Bhangra to spread on a global level.

The UK based competition is now in its 4th year and is set for Saturday 17th October in Wolverhampton with 5 UK Bhangra Teams and 1 Canadian Bhangra Team. All 6 are preparing to bring their most newest competitive performance for the world to witness. It is right to say that Bhangra Wars is the most highly anticipated event in the UK Bhangra Competition Calendar.

This joint venture between & PTC Punjabi will help spread more awareness for the chosen charities Khalsa Aid and Aaishas Hope. This partnership is a positive step for all involved and we hope you will welcome it too.

Rajiee M Shinde, CEO & Director – PTC Network shared, “ We stand committed to the promotion of Punjabi Culture and Bhangra Wars enhances the fulfilment of that commitment . We look forward to the ground connect with Punjabi Television Audiences in UK that Bhangra Wars brings. We are positive that in the coming years, we will be making even greater inroads into the hearts of every Punjabi settled in UK and across the World.”

Rabindra Narayan, President & Director – PTC Network added, “It is great to see the culture and heritage of Punjab thriving in such a vibrant manner in UK. PTC feels proud to bring such a great combination of Punjabi and British Talent to the world platform for the first time."

Sukhvir Rai, Managing Director – stated, “Bhangra Wars has established itself as the biggest Open Bhangra competition in the UK, and since took over the management of the competition in 2012, it has grown from strength to strength. Our collaboration with PTC Punjabi for Bhangra Wars 2015 will see the competition reach new heights here in the UK and worldwide. Our aim is to promote our rich diverse culture in a positive family experience and to let the extremely talented teams showcase their unique talents to a global audience.”

The Bhangra Wars 2015 Committee expressed, "Our entire organising committee have truly worked hard to select teams this year who have some of the best Bhangra dancers to date and the excitement of seeing them grace the stage is overwhelming. Bhangra is more than a "dance act" it is a physically demanding art form which requires passion and determination from its lovers - the dancers. We are proud of the Competing Teams who chose to compete this year and by doing so they have shown that they salute Bhangra and wish to preserve its legacy and provide us with a glimpse of Panjabi Culture. This collaboration will hopefully provide the recognition to all those involved with Bhangra Wars 2015."

Bhangra Wars 2015 will be taking place 17th October at Wolverhampton Civic Center. Tickets will be on sale soon.

The channel PTC Punjabi can be accessed in the UK on Sky channel 815. – The Home of Bhangra Online


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