AJD showcases live mix on Tommy Sandhu show!

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Bhangra fans worldwide were treated to an exceptional and excellent live mix on Friday 15th May showcased on BBC Asian Network's "Tommy Sandhu Show".

With a duration of roughly around thirty minutes, the mix included tracks that stepped away from a typical club and wedding playlist and included older R&B, UK Garage, Bollywood as well as many Bhangra classics. The live mix was conducted by Brit Asia Music Awards Winner AJD, who won the coveted "Best Club DJ Award" in 2014.

The Love Friday live mix was an opportunity for AJD to showcase his versatility as a DJ and was an opportunity that he could not refuse. Speaking to AJD, the live mix on BBC Asian Network opportunity happened very quickly.

"Tommy Sandhu saw me playing at a private event a couple weeks beforehand and was interested since then to get me on the show. His producer Sach got in contact and that was that".

Many bhangra fans on social media were able to support and share the live mix and called upon AJD to have a regular segment on the Tommy Sandhu show.

With AJD being one of the most professional and diverse individuals in the Bhangra industry, would you want AJD to have his own segment on the BBC Asian Network? Leave your comments below!

Listen to Tommy Sandhu every monday to friday from 6-10am on BBC Asian Network.

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