Dr Zeus & Kanika Kapoor team up for 'Desi Look'

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Despite the controversy between the two in late 2014, Dr Zeus & Kanika Kapoor have teamed up again for the song 'Desi Look' from the movie 'Ek Paheli Leela'

After the massive success of ‘Lovely’ from HAPPY NEW YEAR, Dr. Zeus is back with another funky number ‘Tipsy Hogai’ from the upcoming film, DILLIWAALI ZAALIM GIRLFRIEND. The song features the vivacious Natalia and has all the elements of becoming the next sensation.

Says Japinder, the director of DILLIWAALI ZAALIM GIRLFRIEND, “Every guy has two things at the top of his wish list, that is, a hot girl and a fancy car. That is exactly what our character fantasizes about in ‘Tipsy Hogai’. The music video is shot in a very international style and has the sizzling beauty, Natalia Kapchuk featuring in it. Going by the feel of this theme, Dr. Zeus was the perfect option as he blends international beats with a Punjabi tadka very well. The lyrics were then developed from the female perspective and are absolutely naughty and aesthetically simple.”

Speaking about getting the song together, Zeus says, “It was good fun actually. It’s one of the cases where Japinder Kaur and her team were in touch with me and wanted a song real fast. The whole concept of the song is that supposed to be a female item number but I have this thing about having one or two lines from male as well. So Zora Randhawa wrote the lyrics, Miss Pooja sang the song and Rajveer did the male vocals. And it was done pretty quickly actually. It’s a perky and happy song. I think every girl will enjoy it.”

The musician is really upbeat about the song. “I think it’s a fab tune. And with the kind of marketing T-Series is doing, makes me really confident about the song doing well,” he says.

Ask him if ‘Lovely’ from HAPPY NEW YEAR played an important role in getting him recognition and he says, “Definitely. Any song which I release commercially in the Punjabi pop world globally isn’t going to be half as big as me doing one song in Bollywood. Lovely did wonders for me. I’m just glad that I got the opportunity to show my work in Bollywood via Shah Rukh Khan the first time out. He even called Kanika (singer) & me on stage during the music launch and thanked us. I’ll always respect him for that.”

Directed by Japinder Kaur, produced by Manjeet Kaur & Tarnpreet Singh, DILLIWAALI ZAALIM GIRLFRIEND stars Divyendu Sharma, Jackie Shroff, Prachi Mishra, Pradhuman Singh, Ira Dubey & others and is set to release on 2oth March, 2015.


0 #4 RE: Dr Zeus & Kanika Kapoor team up for '[censored] Look'er 2015-02-25 21:57
rubbish.. recycled beats and sounds! autotune doesnt work also. but he will still get 5 million hits in 2 weeks.
funny how India has that many people who sit online all day to rack up those hits!! ugh hum brought hits!!
+4 #3 RE: Dr Zeus & Kanika Kapoor team up for '[censored] Look'0000 2015-02-25 19:44
bollywood track are made whilst shooting the movie so they are done long before release and kanika was stupid shouldnt bite the hand that feeds you
Bhangra Spy 007
+1 #2 RE: Dr Zeus & Kanika Kapoor team up for '[censored] Look'Bhangra Spy 007 2015-02-25 17:33
the track may have been produced long before the whole issue... as bollywood projects sometimes take a long time to release

but yh Zeus is also releasing another track where kanika most likey got replaced by miss pooja!! (miss pooja sounds better)
+3 #1 RE: Dr Zeus & Kanika Kapoor team up for '[censored] Look'Realist, 2015-02-25 16:13
I thought she hated his guts?

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