Inside Man & Jagowala Jatha - Nirmal Panth (Out 16th Dec)

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After the success of 'Chanan Munare' the Inside-Man & Jagowala Jatha now bring to you their next two instalments titled 'Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji' & 'Badla'. This EP titled: Nirmal Panth is set to be released on 16th December 2014 via all major digital stores.

Nirmal Panth has been produced by Inside-Man and is written by Jagowale and Naranjan Singh Nargas who lyrically featured on their Chanan Munare album. Jagowala Jatha & Inside-Man would like to thank all the musicians involved in this project.

Watch the video for Chanan Munare which came out in April 2014


+2 #1 JagowaleSpider-Singh 2015-01-02 03:30
These mans are sick and just keep reppin the Sikh tunes! Big up to Jagowale and Inside Man mans are keeping it real, nuff respect bad mans

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