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Jay Sean Releases New Mixtape "The Mistress II"


After a massive 15 million singles sold, the five time platinum selling R&B sensation artist 'Jay Sean' leaves Cash Money Records and releases his new mixtape "The Mistress II" - Download it Now Here!

Jay Sean

For Jay Sean The Mistress II is a Labor of love, he quotes:

"This is a passion project for me, it's a kind of music I love to listen to & make. The mixtape is all original production and the songs are brand new. My goal was to create a complete, solid body of work for The Mistress II, it's definitely not a collection of catchy singles meant to grab your attention in the first 5 seconds.


I want people to listen to it in its entirely, I'm trying to get back to where people lived with music and let music grow on them and fall in love with a whole album."

Watch The Interview Kulwinder Kaur did with Jay Below!