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Daler Mehndi launches ‘Best of Gurbani’


Indian King of Pop Daler Mehndi, who has been entertaining the masses for several years now, has launched the ‘Best of Gurbani’ album on the auspicious occasion of Guru Nayak Jayanti.

The album consists of his most acclaimed renditions, consisting of Shabads from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Bhai Gurdas Ji's Vaars and the Dasam Granth. The popular singer’s undying faith in the Almighty is a prominent part of his personality which is showcased through the album.

Daler Mehndi shall perform Live at a congregation of 300,000 people at Ulhasnagar on Guru Nanak Jayanti.

This performance will also bear witness to the largest Prabhat Pheri the country has ever seen, i.e. an early morning procession that begins from gurudwaras and then moves to different localities singing shabads (hymns) -praises of Almighty and close the ceremony by performing Keertan starting 10:30 pm until midnight.

‘Best of Gurbani’ by Daler Mehndi is a compilation of his acclaimed Gurbani renditions and unreleased shabads. These are works performed by Daler over various occasions and collated to release on the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikh Faith.

The album starts with the Mool Mantra or the root mantra which lays the spiritual foundation of the seeker. The artist sings it in low octave in Raag Bhairav creating a meditative aura. Mehndi always starts all his Pop concerts with this Mantra.

The artist then moves to Bhai Gurdas Ji’s (Vaars), an eminent scribe whose works are considered as the key to understanding the Guru Granth Sahib. Ik Fakir Vadda Mastana and Dhan Nanak Teri Vaddi Kamaee are two of the many documentations of Guru Nanak Ji’s life written poetically by Bhai Gurdas Ji and sung by Daler Mehndi in Raag Pahari andBhairavi.

Rajan Ke Raja sung in Raag Bhairavi is authored by the tenth Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, one who turned each follower of the Sikh Faith into a warrior community.

The album also features Ustat Kar Kar Jeevan authored by the fifth Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji and Kyo Na Har Ko Naam Lae authored by the ninth Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji. These shabads are melodious compositions which move the listener and substantiate the meaning of the verses even to the uninitiated.

The album in its entirety creates a blissful experience for its listeners. Mehndi hopes that those who hear the album will feel a similar holy presence that will guide them to make right decisions in their lives. "These shanads are active sources of inspiration that have pushed me to perform and deliver every single day of my life. When bhakti enters music, it becomes Keertan – the songs of worship, the jewel of the utmost form of labour, it is the highest duty that a soul can perform during his stay in this world and the easiest way to meet the Almighty,”said the rejoiced singer who is upbeat about the release of his latest work.