FREE Download: Desi Geet Social App!

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Desi Geet is an amazing #Bhangra guessing application that allows you to play with your friends. Connect with people on Facebook and within the network randomly simply by typing in their username. Try beating your friends scores in a battle to be the ultimate Desi Head.

Now your in luck. Sound Pipe Media being the forefront of innovative Asian Apps are recently set to launch their new Social Networking Game ‘Desi Geet’. This game allows you to connect your friends via Facebook, pick a category of music & then guess as many artists or songs as you can within 60 seconds.

You will have 4 choices to choose from and if you get stuck you can purchase hints within the game. The game is fun, addictive and appeals to all Asians that want to have fun on their way to work & in their free time.

The game will be FREE to download and will be available on this Diwali (23rd October)

This app is set to be one of the 'Top Music Apps' on the App Store ...

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