Dutch Desi artists pay tribute to unsung heroine Tetary

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Today, a collective of various Dutch Desi artists release the single and music video Tetary. The song pays tribute to the leader of the uprise in 1884 at plantation Zorg en Hoop in Suriname, who was killed exactly 130 years ago on September 26th.

The music serves to raise awareness on unknown heroes within the Indian diaspora for a broader audience. Even though Tetary played an important role in Dutch Indian history, very few are familiar with her story.

Hiphop/soul singer Pravini took the initiative to unite several Desi collagues: hiphop artist 3wish, classically trained singer Sangeeta Bhageloe, drummer Rakesh Mahes, guitarist Jayant Makhan and painter Ivy Jugooa. The song not only represents the story of Tetary, but also the versatility of the Indian community in the Netherlands with artists from various genres and languages. In this way it reflects the diversity of talent and unity of history.


+1 #1 RE: Dutch [censored] artists pay tribute to unsung heroine TetaryRanjitt 2014-09-27 07:34
Good to see a diverse selection and supporting on this site keep the good work up.

This is a very good song and message.

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