Master-D parts ways with The Bilz & Kashif

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Canadian artist and international producer Master-D has officially announced his journey as a solo artist.

As he embarks on a new chapter following the immense success from the world’s famous South Asian Pop group, The Bilz & Kashif, Master-D has been one of the key producers in creating the major hits that have resonated dancefloors worldwide.

I’ve been blessed to be able to express my music to millions of fans worldwide being part of the group. It also allowed me to evolve as an artist and I've always been eager to release a solo album that represent Bengali people worldwide” states Master-D. From international hits like 2 Step Bhangra, On the Dancefloor, My Ride and Tera Nasha which has gained tremendous buzz in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Master-D provided the slick desi R&B vibe that today’s generation crave.  Master-D claims “I’m all about representing cultures from all parts of South Asia, and many people don’t know that I’m from Bangladesh but can sing in many languages. Now it’s my turn to promote Bengali music the right way by being the leader.

Master-D is slated to release his debut solo Bangla Pop album mid-summer 2014, but in the meantime, wants to satisfy his Bollywood passion by releasing an exclusive single and video on July 10th titled “Baarish” featuring label mate Drega. The video will premiere on The single embodies the emptiness in life when a relationship is broken during that moment in life.


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I don't think any1 really cares bout master D parting ways wid dem guys, der so irrelivant its unreal

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