[Behind The Scenes] Gurkawal Sidhu - Jalwa / Warriors

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Go Behind The Scenes to Gurkawal Sidhu song titled 'Jalwa / Warriors', Music: Mr. V Grooves.

With so many restrictions on media, it has become hard to bring great heroic tales of Sikh empire's history to attention. Majority of us use media nowadays as a source of knowledge than reading books, etc. So with my upcoming debut single, my vision was to inspire myself, and others to research further about great historical incidents that are being lost in the literature.

With this song, I attempted to write and sing about great warriors Hari Singh Nalwa, Sham Singh Attariwala, and Bhai Bachittar Singh. I wanted to bring the warrior aspect of the history to light. In the introduction of the song I ended up singing a folk poem (shayer), which my dear friend Jabar Jung introduced me to. It flowed perfectly with the theme of the song. I hope you'll appreciate the effort.

Song: Jalwa (Warriors)
Singer / Lyricist: Gurkawal Sidhu
Music: Mr. V Grooves
Director: Aron
D.O.P: Ashwani Thaper
Editor: Gaurav K. Mehra
Production: Onkar Singh
Gatka: Akal Student Federation (Phagwara)
Creative Director: Viraaj
Make Up: Sukha Veer
Art Director: Karma


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