Bhangra Wars 2014 Official Statement

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Bhangra Wars 2014 Official Statement.

Bhangra Wars the Well loved Open Bhangra Competition has created a buzz of excitement for Bhangra Dancers in the UK and beyond. As the competition grew so did the quality of competing teams and performances which the UK public have been fortunate to witness firsthand. The Event is much loved for it family friendly atmosphere and expressing true punjabi culture in the form of Bhangra. It gained international recognition from its inaugural show back in 2011 and now recently presented by Media and Entertainment giants Last year the world witnessed a phenomenal competition with some of the best Bhangra dancers ever to have graced the stage at anyone one time. The positive response each year and need for Bhangra Wars to continue has become a norm.

However, Bhangra Wars will not be taking place this year . It was a tough decision to make by the Project Manager but inorder to secure the best venue we will be back in 2015 with a new look and even better concept. Until then keep supporting UK Bhangra and we will see you soon. - Home of Bhangra Online!

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