Mumzy Stranger ft. Shayma - Love Comfort (Video)

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mumzy stranger love comfort

Timeless London presents Mumzy Stranger, with his brand new single 'Love Comfort', featuring an upcoming artist Shayma. Produced by Mumzy Stranger himself and Lyan Roze.  This is a release after 3 years from Mumzy Stranger, he's back!

Taking about the track Mumzy quotes "My brand new single "Love Comfort" feat Shayma, a young British Bengali girl who I will be pushing, will be out end of January. I've always stuck by trying to break the mainstream and that I will always stick to with my own releases. It's a great record and I can't wait to get it out.

There are also loads of remixes and a special SP Bolly Remix produced by me and a new talent Lyan Roze for my desi crew. I am with new management called Timeless London and will be releasing lots of more music now internationally and will definitely be working in Bollywood alongside Tasha".


+3 #4 RE: Mumzy Stranger ft. Shayma - Love Comfort (Video)Pipefitter 2014-02-03 15:57
this wackness is aimed at under 18's it's a simple as that. Cannot take this dude seriously, same'ol nonsense since he was with RR.
0 #3 RE: Mumzy Stranger ft. Shayma - Love Comfort (Video)0000 2014-02-03 10:47
WTF is this rubbish
+1 #2 confusedGulli1 2014-02-03 02:01
guys this track is all over the place, what a waste of production money. Mumzy hasnt found his own style here just loads of copied voices put in a blender then consumed and Puked out after!!!!.

People get your thinking caps on and get original!!!
The Real Realist
0 #1 Gibberish Re-DefinedThe Real Realist 2014-02-02 20:52
This is absolute nonsense, there is no originality here, the lyrics, production & the songs concept unfortunately show this. Mumzy simply jumped on the recent bandwagon of dance music yet failed to do it originally. The note he sings in is not a note he can successfully carry off as it hurts the ears, leave that note to the professionals like Justin Timberlake or Robin Thicke. I'm sure 9-19 year old girls will find this amazing as well as blokes who take selfies of themselves, yet these people will also download this gibberish illegally. Anyway I'm sure you'll get loads of bookings at high schools up & down the country so you've done &achieved what you set out to do. Stay off Brit Asia & shift this BS to channel AKAor whatever the F it's now called.

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