Mumzy Stranger goes Love Comfort

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Mumzy Stranger will be releasing his brand new single 'Love Comfort' 29th January! - watch promo here!

The track is already building momentum after being picked up by some key DJs on mainstream radio stations. He is currently in India promoting a new Bollywood song with Tasha Tah and has also produced the much anticipated new release from the hugely talented Junai Kaden 'Tanha'.

Taking about the track Mumzy quotes "My brand new single “Love Comfort” feat Shayma, a young British Bengali girl who I will be pushing, will be out end of January. I’ve always stuck by trying to break the mainstream and that I will always stick to with my own releases. It’s a great record and I can’t wait to get it out. There are also loads of remixes and a special SP Bolly Remix produced by me and a new talent Lyan Roze for my desi crew. I am with new management called Timeless London and will be releasing lots of more music now internationally and will definitely be working in Bollywood alongside Tasha.


-1 #2 RE: Mumzy Stranger goes Love ComfortGsstar 2014-01-24 21:31
Jus heard Tanha by Junai Kaden. the music is so awesome & so is this gonna be too.
Music maniac
0 #1 RE: Mumzy Stranger goes Love ComfortMusic maniac 2014-01-23 19:46
Cant wait to hear it......

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