Introducing SYGM - Sikh Youth Group Movement

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sikh youth group movement

SYGM is a new forefront movement created by the youth for the youth.

With increasing situations and problems amassing the world community, we feel it is necessary to help channel these problems through the use of the youth’s interests. Nowadays our youth are very much alive in the world of technology; things such as Facebook, YouTube, and Music etc have helped raise awareness to a wider audience. We as a movement aim to bring all of these types of media together and create a united movement which will bring more of the youth into eventually understanding Sikhi and help them realise and discover what Sikhi is truly about. 
We aim to achieve this through the means of “SYGM Music”. This is a new venture in which we will seek to use Non-Sikh and Sikh artists to promote issues which the youth are currently facing today onto a new level, hopefully heading towards Mainstream and giving the artists a chance to be recognized. All of our music is based on the artist’s personal life and upbringing, social and religious issues. Currently we have worked with multiple artists upcoming and already known. These include Sikander Kahlon (India), Bigg Taj (Scotland) and DJ DNA (USA). We are currently in the process of finishing our album which already contains over 15 tracks. These are mostly Hip Hop and RNB based alongside some Punjabi Rap. We feel that by integrating and using the current music genres the youth are interested in, we can help raise awareness on issues through different styles of music.

 The movement is a non-profit movement. We are not here to make money, we are here to help create Unity amongst the youth and help deal with problems they may face through music. Any money we do receive is put straight back into the organisation and financial details can be shown by request. 
  Please check out a few of our releases: (Most Recent Freestyle Video) (1st Freestyle Video) (Features on Sikh Channel ‘Y-GEN’ Series) 
If you have access to or have any interest in the following below please contact us via one of the methods at the bottom: 
- Producing 
- Rapping 
- Singing 
- Graphic Design 
- Video Filming 
- Literature i.e. Projects, Essays etc. 
- Martial Arts 
- Anything else which you can bring to SYGM 
SYGM - Sikh Youth Group Movement  
'‘Renounce Sexual Desire, Anger, Falsehood and Slander; forsake maya and eliminate egotistical pride’   (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) 
Contact - 07920093170  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.