Johnny Zee is back alongside K-OSS for 'Oh Gyal'

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The Desi Drop Squad presents 'OH GYAL', a new hot collaboration with multi-platinum artist Johnny Zee aka 'Taz - Stereo Nation' alongside K-OSS. This is definitely the verge of something exciting...the voice of Johnny Zee is back!

This collab is a desi club smash with a potent dancehall rhythm playing a dirty bass, dance synths and hybrid sounds enriched with Johnny Zee's hit vocals on a radio friendly hook.

It's FRESH...It's WILD...It's's 100 % AUTHENTIC...
It's certified desi-dancehall!

The catchy Punjabi vocals are infused with a captivating, authentic dancehall performance by K-OSS and his distinct sound and infectious melodies. This young and popular Indian reggae artist and this tune are destined to take the desi-scene by storm. It's already proving to be a hit with the the soon to be released Jamaican dancehall-fuelled music video.

With K-OSS and the Desi Drop Squad on the team, it's got be an edgy reggae vibe. K-OSS explains: "It's very dancehall because even though I'm Indian, I live in Jamaica a lot of the time. I've worked with a lot of the top reggae talent over there and I wanted to make something different here".

Johnny is excited about the track: "Yes, you heard it right, I'm back as Johnny Zee with a brand new sound alongside Desi Drop Squad! This song reflects my influences and is sure to be a hit with my fans. I've always been known for fusing Reggae with my unique fusion sound and this song is a true representation of that. It's a firework ready to explode onto the desi scene, alongside the incredibly talented reggae artist K-OSS, who's energy, on the record is second to none, this is not one to be missed."

The desi crowds are going to scream when Johnny Zee & K-OSS take to the stage with the Desi Drop Squad's live band.

K-OSS adds: "You have to stand up, throw up your hands and's off the chain".




0 #3 RE: Johnny Zee is back alongside K-OSS for 'Oh Gyal'chinajatt 2013-11-14 15:01
[quote name="Raji Gill"]Oh Johnny Z aka Taz, why even bother??[/quote he can keep changeing his name but wont make his music any better he made a few hits in the 90s but this guys needs to get back with simon and dimond aka subs and dj swami
Binnie Marwa Dad
+1 #2 RE: Johnny Zee is back alongside K-OSS for 'Oh Gyal'Binnie Marwa Dad 2013-11-14 14:30
made me cringe so bad...feel violated.
Raji Gill
+2 #1 RE: Johnny Zee is back alongside K-OSS for 'Oh Gyal'Raji Gill 2013-11-14 01:02
Oh Johnny Z aka Taz, why even bother??

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