TOEIC Tests national campaign launched

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ETS Global UK has launched a new user-friendly website for the TOEIC® tests. This launch comes as a part of their awareness campaign designed to help South Asians in the UK practice and improve their English language skills for personal development, employment and a better quality of life.

The aim of the campaign by ETS Global UK is to help South Asians in the UK to improve their English language skills for personal development and employment that further allows a better quality of life. The TOEIC tests are already used by many major organisations and institutions all over the country, and is available in many test centre locations across the UK and worldwide.

At present, many immigrants already in the UK struggle with day-to-day communication in English, hindering further employment and education prospects. Back in 2008, the Government’s own research showed that the employment rate for ethnic minorities was far below the average, citing language barriers as one of the main factors.

The TOEIC tests’ questions measure the essential elements of the English language as used in the workplace and everyday situations. Many organisations in the UK and worldwide are already using the test scores as a standard measure of proficiency in English. The TOEIC tests can help increase chances of employment allowing for a better standard of living – just one of the many reasons why foreign nationals should consider taking the TOEIC tests.

TOEIC test centres are available in many locations across the UK and worldwide. There are also easy-to-use learning resources available on the website to help test takers learn and improve everyday English and prepare for the TOEIC tests.

Lizeila Martijn, Product Specialist at ETS Global UK said, “We have just launched our new user-friendly website so that people can see how the TOEIC tests and practicing the English language has been made as easy as possible. We want to encourage more people to take the tests so that they can learn whilst building their confidence.”

The UK Home Office now accepts TOEIC tests for naturalisation and settlement purposes, in addition to visa and work permit applications. From 28th October 2013 onwards, the Home Office accreditation will allow migrants, and spouses or partners worldwide to submit their TOEIC test results as evidence of having taken a Home Office-approved English language test. The move is seen to encourage more people to learn and be comfortable in using the English language before applying for British citizenship or settlement in the UK.