Tee L releases first solo EP Electronic Warrior

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Tee L's first solo EP has now been released. The new EP, Electronic Warrior has gained alot of positive reaction from initial airplay, which features the single Warrior. The EP also features up and coming singer Sabrina on the track Break Free.


Tee-L. A very simplistic epithet for a very complex and diverse individual. Born, bred and residing in Derby, UK this eclectic music producer has a unparalleled style of making beats which incorporate a wide variety of influences.

Raised on a healthy and nutritious diet of Trever Horn, Bruce Sweadan, Tupac, DJ-Uneek, Micheal Jackson alongside a plethora of other: Tee-L is an open ear to any music that sounds good.

A full time professional sound engineer and music producer, he has worked on albums that have reached worldwide success, such as hit album “Back 2 Basics” by Diljit Dosanjh & Tru Skool which reached number 1 in 5 countries on Itunes.


Have creditions on projects alongside DeadMaus5 and SHY&DRS. Tee-L is a perfectionist on every last sound and nothing will ever be released from him unless a master craft of unique creation and engineering is delivered from his boundary pushing ethos.

He challenges the norm of the mainstream, yet his differentiating sound and mutant bass in his tracks will most definitely cause pandemonium if played in any major electronic music festival across the world.