Northern Sikh Mela (26th August 2013)

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Sukshinder Shinda will be headlining at the Northern Sikh Mela along with full live band on the 26th August 2013. With fellow artists such as Kaka Mohanwalia, Gupsy Aujla, Jazz Sahota DEA and lots more! Make sure your part of the largest Dharmik Event in the North


In July 2011 we organised the first ever Northern Sikh Mela in Huddersfield. This was a massive success with the sangat attending from all over the UK. Our aim remains to bring Sikhs across the region together for a fun family day.

We have all talked about Sikhi and community spirit. We have expressed concerns that the community does not pull together as ‘One’ as we once did, and we have all said at some point ‘We are too busy, our children are getting older they have school clubs and activities to attend; all we seem to be doing is going to work and coming back home’.

As Parents we have all worried about the next generation being disengaged from Sikh religion and our rich cultural heritage.

We all talk about our childhood and our parent’s talk of the great community spirit that used to exist. We all had more time to visit and spend quality time with friends and family.

Huddersfield Sikh Youth is a group of volunteers who are trying with your support to bring together Sikh children, friends and families. To re-ignite the ‘Golden Thread’ which ties us all to one another from all ages from the youngest new born to the oldest and most respected in our communities, from all genders and all backgrounds.

The term ‘Mela’ originates from the Sanskrit word of gathering. Imagine…sitting on a kambal (blanket) on the grass, eating a paranthas, achar (pickle) and raita, watching children play with family and friends. Our elders walking amongst us and sharing their stories from Panjab…., building on the success of the last two consecutive events, we hope to re-create this family atmosphere in the Northern Mela 2013.

We wish you to be a part of this event and help us promote what we know you already do locally namely, to promote Sikhi values to others in the community, supporting others and strengthening community ties.


Events booked or being planned include a range of sporting activities, such as track events, rock climbing, archery, target shooting, football activities, as well as more traditional Panjabi and Sikh themed events such as Gatka demonstrations and food stalls.

A music stage where we will be showcasing contemporary live dharmik music by International superstar ‘Sukshinder Shinda’ along with full live band.

We will also have Kaka Mahonwalia, Gupsy Aujla, Jazz Sahota and DEA.

We will also have live Birds of Prey displays and horseriding. We intend to provide something for every one of all ages male and female. The Army, Police and Fire service will be attending and will also be hosting activities.

The event is a private Mela for Sikh families and there will be strictly no meat or alcohol on site. It is to be held at the Yorkshire Lions Sports Complex, Warrenside, Deighton Huddersfield HD2 1LW

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