Introducing Indidginus “Bhangragga (Hold Dat Gyal)

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Cementing Indidginus' vision of future dance music, Bhangragga (Hold Dat Gyal) weaves together ragga, dancehall and bhangra seamlessly to give you an absolute bhanger of a bass track, listen here!


Track: Indidginus “Bhangragga (Hold Dat Gyal)”

Label: White

Indidginus is the stage name of British-born, South African dubstep producer Michael Martin who has collaborated with electronic music legends such as "The Orb".

On his tour of India claims to be learning info a real demand for authentic dubstep music here.

"India is an emerging economy so things (like dubstep) that are popular in the West are now taking off here in a big way,".

And that love is evidently reciprocated on his own music samples which has traditional Indian vocalists – a sound he refers to as "nectar to his ears." He sees the inclusivity in modern Indian music as being the sound's defining characteristic.

"India is a master of incorporating cultural differences and putting her own spin on them,  People here are influenced by the West, but they aren’t dominated by it. They retain their roots, which I think is important on so many levels."