Rita Morar release Piya

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After impressing audiences on the live circuit, receiving radio airplay and critical acclaim from the press, London based singer/songwriter Rita Morar is set to win hearts of audiences with her highly rated song Piya, watch video here!



Piya - Single - Rita Morar

Piya released on Sunday May, which simply translates to ‘beloved’ in Hindi is a powerful and haunting ballad with a fusion of Hindi and English lyrics delivered beautifully by one of the best kept secrets in British Asian music. “The song, melody and rhythm all capture the power and emotions that moves me as an artist. It is a song I am sure will connect with anyone who has ever been in love and will touch the hearts of those who haven’t. That is why it was the perfect for my debut single” said Rita.

Written and sung by Rita and produced by Fingerz, Piya was originally showcased in Rifco Arts theatre production Mummyji Presents and has received airplay on radio stations that include BBC Asian Network and Buzz Asia. A song that already has a following is accompanied by a romantic music video shot in the heart of London. “I feel like I have been on an incredible journey with Piya. Now I am releasing it into the world so that it can fly away and reach even more people in countries around the world. I hope listeners go on their own journey with a special song that has come from the heart,” said Rita.

Despite being unsigned, highly rated singer Rita is already working on other projects with artists such as TazZz, Beatboxer Ekko, Naamless and Polaroid 85. She will be performing live at various events across the UK and hopes to touch even more audiences with her heartfelt vocals.

Rita can be contacted via following streams:

Twitter: @ritamoraruk