Shawn Stackz feat Dwane Sweazie Amplifier Remix

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As the man we have all come to know as “Mr. International”, is preparing the release of his first international album “Midnight In Dubai” Shawn Stackz dropped “Amplifier Remix” a smooth R&B/Hip Hop mix of Imran Khan’s worldwide hit record, listen here!


Featuring Dwane Sweazie, a new Texas rhyme slinger! Look for Stackz to perform it for the first time on April 27th at DePaul University-Chicago, performing alongside THE BILZ & KASHIF.

“Midnight In Dubai” coming early summer 2013, with Desi and Latin rhythms featuring artist like Baby Bash, Kat Eyes, Cuban Papi, Rasshee Rraga, and Manjeet Ral of RDB.