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GauravH is a British producer/songwriter born and raised in Ealing, West London, Gaurav was always around music and grew up on many artists such as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Aaliya.

Since a very young age Gaurav wanted to learn as many instruments as he could, So he went on to his first at age 7, he started learning the guitar and basics of plucking a string, and when Gaurav was around 9 and a half he went on to learn a common wind instrument which was the recorder. For two years Gaurav was apart of the choir where they attended events to perform; one of the events was held at the Royal Albert Hall where Gaurav performed a solo piece in front of hundreds of people including the mayor of London at the time.

Towards the end of Primary school Gaurav had many awards/certificates, but one which stood out was music student of choice, which was given out by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Gaurav never thought of being a producer nor a recording artist at this time, Music was just a hobby that kept him going through the primary school days, Although creativity played a big part in his life as he loved acting at this time and played a major role as Jack from jack in the beanstalk as a school play in front of around 100 students/parents/teachers.

When Gaurav started high school, everything changed, Gaurav realised that he had to do everything on his own when it came to getting seen by people there wasn't much help like is received back in primary school. Through out the 5 years of high school Gaurav was still interested in acting but slightly drifting onto music, every week he had music lessons and would show his musical talents to his classmates and teachers, from beat boxing to playing chords from songs on the piano. Gaurav then got really interested in producing music and the concept of music structure (Year 11 time). When Year 11 ended Gaurav invested in is first midi keyboard and used to practise daily perfecting his chord profession etc.

On his 16th Birthday his parents bought him his first ever microphone which costed £150 at the time as well as a small mixing desk. Gaurav then began working on his own vocals, but just like other teenagers at the time he acting more like commercial rappers/singers rather than being original and creating himself.

He then released a cover as a joke of Drake's Forever and this got him noticed in the school more as a musician. Gaurav then realised that he actually who had a few supporters that liked his music and wanted to hear more, But for months Gaurav didn't release anything as he was shy and scared that if he released something which wasn't good enough people who take the piss out of him at school.

Chris Brown released a song a few months later which Gaurav had 2 weeks before than most people as he was subscribed to his fan site, he then deleted Chris Brown's first verse and wrote his own verse over it, and because this song wasn't released on youtube just yet, Gaurav released it and in three months he had 30,000 views and around 200/300 subscribers and around 5000 twitter followers. Gaurav then liked that music had become a passion and a big hobby to him, and that it has a chapter in his life.

In the first year of sixth form Gaurav became very good friends with another musician just like himself by the name of KAZEBEATS, they used to visit the studio daily and make music for fun and just play around with professional equipment. Gaurav and his Dad then decided to build a home studio which was acoustically treated, this then took a couple months before it was fully built and had the equipment Gaurav needed. Gaurav was so pleased that he has parents who show him support and want him to see his dream.

Gaurav was studying music technology at this time as an a-level, where he picked up the more professional business side to the music industry earning an A* for his work.

In February 2012 Gaurav decided to reach out to another urban recording artist/producer by the name of Aaron London who he done a collaboration with, Gaurav thought the song was too commercial for him to release but it was so catchy that Gaurav decided to take a risk and released it. The song (Together) then gained thousands of views in a couple of weeks, Gaurav's fan base grew bigger where he started getting recognition from other cities in the United Kingdom such as Birmingham, Leicester, Leeds, Manchester and others. After months of release Gaurav was still getting views and people was sharing the video in Countries such as Canada and the united states, the song Together also received airplay in a few asian radio stations such as BBC ASIAN NETWORK.

Gaurav then started releasing covers and writing music for other artists, in september 2012 Gaurav went to university where his music slowed down a little but just recently in February Gaurav released an instrumental by the name of illusion which didn't receive many views but was heard by an artist/producer who recently singed on to Nicki Minaj's Label 'The Re-Up' He was really interested in his work and wanted to hear more, Gaurav was so happy that finally someone from the industry has heard his music and feels that Gaurav has potential.


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why such a long article?

he sounds absolutely awful.

great he knows how to play the recorder.

if he's such a great musician why is aaron london producing his beat?

if he's such a great singer rapper why's he using autotune

another mumzy stranger but worse. going nowhere

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