Deen JanJua to release 'Ali Ali'

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After The huge success of “Nakreh Valiyeh” Singer Deen JanJua Is Set to Release His 4th Single 'Ali Ali' on 20th August 2012.

After seeing huge success with his previous singles “Chittyan”, “Party” And “Nakreh Valiyeh” Deen has been hard at work, he is currently working on his Debut album which is set to release Early 2013, Music by Ji?MADZ.

The Track “Ali Ali”; "During the collaboration of this song I found myself researching the genre of Qawwali; a musical tradition that originated more than 700 years ago driven by Sufi teachings. It is an invention of the great musical artist, scholar, poet and spiritual Sufi, the legend Hazrat Amir Khusro. He alone was able to master the balance of music, poetry, and Islam, whose work has been a source of inspiration for many artists such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Qawwali to date is still today a form of music that is so pure and innocent, that I found myself initially hesitant to undertake. It pays homage to the lives of those who lived to worship and please God alone, they spread the message of peace to the Indian subcontinent by achieving closeness with God by love and abstinence from worldly materialism. This song is my humble tribute to all those individuals who in this day and age place peace, unity and love above all”

Deen JanJua With Ji?MADZ creating such amazing music to such a touching song, this one is something totally unique and different to anything Deen has worked on before. With touches of vocals from Soni Atwal who also is Deen’s Ustaad, Soni Atwal also wrote the song. The song is aimed for all age groups… Once again Deen has come with a fresh new sound….Keeping his fans on the edge of their seats with what’s to come next!!

Deen’s Words “I want to take time out, just to thank everyone who has helped me progress in music, words cannot express how humbled I am for all your support…Thank you”

“Ali Ali” Will be available to download off iTunes on 20th AUG.

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