Jayden- Love Me Forever (Video)

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Watch the full video to Love Me Forever which has been written and composed by Jayden inspired by the time he spent living in China, out now on itunes!

Jayden may be a new name amongst music fans but that is certainly not the case within the entertainment industry. Jayden’s musical beginnings can be traced back to his tutelage from the group Revive, where he learned to master the keyboard, after which he was taken under the wing of international music producer Baldev Mastana (World Music Studios) from whom he learnt to sing and continue his professional musical development at the young age of 16. Having already performed and worked at various events worldwide alongside artists such as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (2011 UK Tour), as well as contributing his time and talents to many charity events, Jayden is set to take the charts by storm with his debut single and music video: Love Me Forever.

Love Me Forever has been written and composed by Jayden inspired by the time he spent living in China. This influence can be heard in this song by its Mandarin lyrics, the soulful sounds of traditional Chinese instruments, blended perfectly with a contemporary R&B arrangement. This debut single has been produced by the internationally renowned Baldev Mastana.

The music video was shot, directed and produced by MegaBot Studios. It further pushes the artistic boundaries of the stunning impact music videos can have by including advanced Computer Generated Imaging to replicate parts of the world such as the Great Wall of China amongst many others. Featuring in this video is model Vicki Leung (James Bond – Skyfall) whose wealth of acting experience creates a natural on-screen spark of romance between herself and Jayden, perfectly complimenting this culture-fusion themed project.

With the teaser trailer reaching over a thousand hits in just a few days, Love Me Forever will be the highly anticipated summer time love song of 2012.

This debut single is set to make a mark in the urban music industry and denotes the beginning of Jayden’s anticipated impact on urban music lovers world-wide. Jayden is set to release his second music video towards the end of the year.

Love Me Forever by Jayden - Out Now! -
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