Myssah – Sapnay May Tujhe Dekha (Full Video)

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Canadian South-Asian Pop Sensation ‘Myssah’ recently released her 2nd Single ‘Sapnay May Tujhe Dekha’ (Dream) which is recorded at the prestigious Yash Raj Studios. This girl is out to make it big, check out her new single video here!


MYSSAH - In Arabic Means "The Sparkle of a Diamond" which is symbolic of her personality, purity and beauty.

Tall and Beautiful, with a charismatic & refreshing personality, the girl with the dimpled Smile & down to earth attitude are just a few of Myssah's magnanimous qualities. Also known as the Bollywood Queen of North America - She is extremely versatile and can sing in Hindi, English and Punjabi covering all the latest to old Bollywood hits. She is an excellent live performer and can perform for hours on her own!