Jayden- Love Me Forever (Promo)

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The forthcoming single ‘Love Me Forever’ will be available to buy from 26th July 2012 from all good online distributors. The music video for this song will be aired on all good music video channels.

The song has been produced by the internationally renowned Baldev Mastana (World Music Studios), who has mentored Jayden in his musical journey for a number years to date. The song includes Jayden’s vocals sung in both English and Mandarin, written by Jayden himself when he was living in China. The song features traditional Chinese instruments with a contemporary R&B arrangement, brining something fresh, new and innovative into the urban music industry.

The music video further pushes visual boundaries, featuring Jayden alongside actress Vicki Leung (James Bond – Skyfall) in a CGI replication of The Great Wall of China. The visual aesthetics portrayed push the boundaries of modern graphical art, which serve as the perfect backdrop of this multi-cultural love song.

This ground-breaking video, combined with music production from Baldev Mastana, and lyrics and composition by Jayden himself is sure to revolutionise urban music genre once more.

Bob Brolly from BBC commented - "Love me forever has a great groove, and lyrics, a story of young love, by a very talented artist, who when you listen to the track, will soon realise performed with a passion only the song writer could deliver".


Love music
-3 #46 RE: Jayden- Love Me Forever (Promo)Love music 2012-07-31 14:16
I saw this guy the other day in Coventry driving a smart car. He looks different in the video =s
+4 #45 RE: Jayden- Love Me Forever (Promo)Fact? 2012-07-31 09:14
That's an opinion not a fact mate. Look up the definition. Your opinion is he's good where as others opinion claim that he's not good. That's a fact
-4 #44 Facts 2012-07-30 21:13
. I think the singer has a nice voice and has got potential. I think video could be better. Lot better. Musics fresh though and at least the voice hasn't been auto tuned like crazy. There's room for more. It's a catchy song and it's pleasant. Video is a little below the bar. Just got to wait to see if he can sing live . But really people who don't critisice constructively are just time wastin haters. Live and let live . Gotta remember some people don't have huge budgets behind them. Personally I like the song and rate someone for trying something different. If it catches then big thing can come out of this for him. Just hope he improves on his visuals next time .
-1 #43 Hanna 2012-07-30 15:11
Im an attention seeking girl who can't get a boyfriend. I also talk crap and bum off Jayden too much
Hanna go home mate
+2 #42 Hanna go home mate 2012-07-30 15:09
Your saying to others their not Simon Cowell and can't see into the future I could say the same to you when you claim he will be big in terms of success. Stop contradicting yourself and sticking up for your boyfriend. There's more negative comments then positive so already he's had a bad start. Just because someone tells you something you don't agree with or don't want to hear doesn't make them a hater. I could say your hating on me because your slating mine and others comments. His songs crap and I'm not the only one who thinks this. Stop getting your knickers in a twist and getting all hyped up just because people are voicing their opinions.
Hurrrrr Hurrrrrr
+3 #41 Hurrrrr Hurrrrrr 2012-07-30 14:23
Hanna - No i cant see into the future but i have ears which tell me he is not a very good singer! p.s i am not 'Hating' on your freind, family, chachi di billi di masi di kuri or whatever Jayden is to you.
-1 #40 Hanna 2012-07-30 13:15
and whoever wrote their name in hanna and left the 38th comment, stop jackin my name
+2 #39 Hanna 2012-07-30 13:14
Haha HURR HURR didnt no u could see into the future and see hes not not gna make it big? Are u like simon cowell or something? Think what u want but once uve left a comment about saying he'l never get big, u can go away now and take ur negative thoughts with u. Also ??? i dont need to prove he hasnt got fake accounts cus its the truth and doesnt have to be proved to anyone including you. Ppl are haters if their just writing on here and gettin personal when the topic is strictly his music. Team Gayden is clearly immature as he clearly doesn't like jayden but still is stalking his page, need to get a life and only leave comments if their gna be constructive and not personal. After this song he will just get bigger and better
0 #38 Hanna 2012-07-30 13:10
Yeah your right he can't sing and the song is weak. I just feel sorry for him because clearly he thinks he's good when he's not. He's let Baldev Mastana down and he's clearly wasted a lot of people's time and money with what is the flop of 2012.
Hurrrrr Hurrrrrr
+1 #37 Hurrrrr Hurrrrrr 2012-07-30 12:59
Hanna - First of all im not 'Hating'I just dont think hes a good singer and this guy will never make it to the top because his voice just isnt good enough.The Video looks cheap, Baldev Mastana is a BHANGRA producer not a RNB/MANDARIN producer or whatever this guy sings so the production is weak and he cant sing. This is MY opinion I AM NOT HATING!
Team Gayden
+1 #36 Team Gayden 2012-07-29 23:48
Tunes weak, looks like Jaysean back in the 'stolen' days (get your own style) and hes robbed the name from Will smiths 10 year old kid. Heard the remix which is wack to who ever pays for that must be a twat.
-6 #35 NikhilK 2012-07-29 23:09
Its not about him not being able to handle criticism. Criticism is good its a way in which a person evolves into a better singer in this case. Its the fact people putting up personal stuff such as losing his virginity? Criticism is fine but why do some sad low lives have to write such things like that. End of the day you cannot please everybody fair enough there's criticism its his first song so I'm sure he'll make his next one even better! And if you don't like the song check out the remix maybe its more of your cup of tea I read someone said its not modern maybe they'll enjoy the remix. Leave your opinions but leave out the crap about his personal life whats that got to do with anything?

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