Parichay thinks She’s A Playa

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Watch the full video to Parichay’s newest single ‘She’s a Playa’ the first single from his forthcoming album ‘Surprise Surprise’, produced by Parichay and released by his own record label N-tro Records.


The song brings to life his signature sound with a mix of Hindi and English vocals.

‘This song was inspired by a true story, that of a friend’s relationship with his girl. The idea behind the song emerged from that and everything fell into place. As an artist, it’s been one of the best songs I’ve produced and sung’, said Parichay, gearing up for the upcoming release of the song.

Still basking in the success of his recent Bollywood hit ‘Chandni, O Meri Chandni’, from the film Char Din Ki Chandni, Parichay is currently working on other Bollywood projects for the latter part of the year. Back in the studio after a few months of touring the globe, he has several mainstream projects and collaborations in the pipeline as well. With his recent success in Bollywood, 2012 will continue to a big year for Parichay.

The single ‘She’s a Playa’ is available for download on iTunes Worldwide.

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