Why this Kolaveri Di? - A-SLAM House Remix

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To celebrate the release of the movie 3, and the upcoming Hindi dubbed version, A-SLAM is keeping the hype going with a fresh take on the movie's hit song, "Why this Kolaveri Di?".  


DJ "E.V.", founder of the Electro World group A-SLAM, ran into Dhanush while touring in Mumbai at the Femina Miss India Launch party.  After talking about the soon to be released film, he and A-SLAM member Mr Singh, began working on an upbeat house remix of the track.  Keeping the original feel and emotion of the song, A-SLAM adds a club friendly beat without wavering the passionate complexity meant to highlight the story of the film.

The romantic drama released this past month, and is expected to release in Hindi during the month of May.  The film stars Dhanush with music by Anirudh Ravichander, and debut's director Aishwarya Dhanush.  Several other promotional songs have been released to promote the film, they can be found on:

As for A-SLAM, their debut album titled Back Down will also be releasing later this year.  The group of Artists, Producers and DJs from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, combines Electro beats with Western Hip-Hop and Eastern Indian influences.  Their pioneering sound has been sought out by top industry professionals and has landed A-SLAM collaborations with DJ Sanj, Miss Pooja, Taz (stereo nation), and MC Special.  They have also toured with Imran Khan, H-Dhami, Mumzy, Juggy D and opened for RDB, Jay Sean and Raghav.   Find the house remix of Kolaveri Di along with all of A-SLAM's music released to date on their official Facebook page:



+3 #3 ilost 2012-04-22 14:35
+3 #2 WeeMan 2012-04-20 23:02
True. Move the [censored] on!!! Whats next? A remix of "Dil do pagal hai"?
+2 #1 tiredofgimmickyloser 2012-04-20 22:26
maaaan. This track is 2011. Sure it blew up but now its time to MOVE the [censored] on

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