Josh release Yeh Zameen Ga Rahi Hai Video

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Watch the full video by the Indo-Pak fusion band JoSH return with their brand new track ‘Yeh Zameen Ga Rahi Hai’, taken from the smash hit album ‘Beyond Kismat’. ‘Yeh Zameen Ga Rahi Hai’ is a beautiful rendition of the classic track by the legendary R.D Burman.

Infused with guitars, beautiful melodies and vocals, Yeh Zameen Ga Rahi Hai has been re-produced to give it a JoSH touch, adding a modern, fresh yet traditional feel.

Shot in Old Lahore, Pakistan, while the boys were on tour, the video has been directed by duo Maram and Aabroo, who managed to recreate Old Lahore to look and feel like Old Delhi. The video has the concept of a unique love story that compliments the song and the traditions of both Old Lahore and Old Delhi. Pakistani actress Aamina Sheikh plays the lead role in the video.

Having received a great response for their latest album Beyond Kismat, in particular Pyar Ho Gaya, (featuring a remix by UK producer D-Boy and Hard Kaur) JoSH are now ready to take you down memory lane with this great melodious tribute to R.D Burman

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