Faze Black - Were Going Out Tonight (Snippet)

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After his highly successful debut single "Dil Nachda" Faze Black is back again with a brand new single giving you a unique sound with "Were Going Out Tonight".

  Faze Black - Were Going Out Tonight (Snippet) by Faze Black

Faze Black has teamed up with Randy Valentine (JOAT) to fuse afrobeats and electro sound with his R&B vocals to create an amazing summer anthem.

The track will be released very soon and hopes to please all music lovers from all over the world.

Watch Out For The Video For "Were Going Out Tonight" Dropping Very Soon Directed By CreepingEast.


Gulbuldildo Gurtaz
0 #1 Gulbuldildo Gurtaz 2012-04-02 01:31
Why is it necessary to look like such a douche-bag? Stupid poses, clothes, facial hair and haircuts. Are there any musicians/singe rs who are just good at what they do, and don't care about image?

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