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“Oh Meri Nina” is the first single to be released from the pioneering album ‘’Breakout’’ by the highly talented Blitz-I, watch Behind the scenes and full video here!


Blitz-I is a triple threat as a rising music producer, singer (Punjabi/English) and rapper. Hailing from Manchester, birthplace of many a great musician, Blitz-I joins the ranks within a growing trend in music that has seen the breakthrough success of many great Asian artists. No stranger to the music scene, his self-produced album marks the beginning of his push into the industry after the release of his initial “primer” album ‘’Ignite’’ with the then newly formed band Xplosiv Family. Blitz-I collaborated with many talented artists on this album and produced the hugely successful debut single “Aja Meray Kohl” with Sam M. It received great acclaim, with over 27000 downloads, airplay on many radio stations including BBC Asian Network and led to many events both domestically and on the international stage. Most recent of these events was in the cultural capital of the world, Paris, sharing the stage with the likes of Imran Khan and many other international artists of a high caliber.

“Oh Meri Nina” is a culmination of his ever evolving sounds and a testament to his hard work. This track is an upbeat club banger which has a reggaeton feel mixed with Punjabi vocals and English rap, giving this single its unique and distinctive sound.

“It’s been a while since you’ve heard anything from me, but don’t worry people I’ve been away working hard behind the scenes experimenting, perfecting my sound and at the same time keeping an eye on what the scene has to offer. I’m back now with a fresh new sound, new flavour for all the fans out there. Hopefully you won’t be disappointed and will continue to support me like you have from day one.”

True to his name, Blitz-I has not just released a single, but rather a sudden and destructive musical force, overwhelming the senses, a sound to be loved, remembered and reckoned with! But his characteristic concentrated efforts and intensive campaigns do not just extend to music. This multi talented individual is also a great philanthropist. Having travelled the rocky road to where he know stands with many twists and turns in his journey of self taught talent, it was his desire to help others like himself and put something back into the music community. Blitz-I runs a charitable organisation known as “Sqaure1cmo” providing a platform for young people to gain access to acquiring musical skills. Recently signed to Superkick Records, Blitz-I is working on completing his E.P and you shall be hearing more.


Sasha C
-1 #3 Sasha C 2012-02-06 08:19
It is crap!! Simple as!!! Awful music and lyrics!!!
0 #2 avnitk88 2012-02-05 19:42
lets sum up this song;
"Oh meri ninaaaaaaaaa" (x10687168725)
done(: lolol musics prettyy tight but singing//lyrics ...good attempt.
+4 #1 punjab 2012-01-23 12:44
ummmmm wtf?

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